Tuna and SkyFlakes Nuggets

The title above is right! Have you heard or watched the new recipe already? Generation by generation really changes everything. It can discover amazing things which we think are just crazy combinations. But for this recipe, an extraordinary combination of ingredients is just simply amazing. I shared it already on my blog Chika’s Avenue but I want to show it off here because it’s really fantastic.

Here is my version of Tuna and SkyFlakes Nuggets. What are the ingredients?

2 packs of SkyFlakes
1 egg
1 can of Century Tuna flakes in oil (180 grams)
flour (measure depends on its stickiness)

Just slice the onion, crush the SkyFlakes into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and observe its stickiness if need to add more flour. Actually, you can form many shapes according to your preference but I opted to just got a scoop and fry it (laziness strike).

My dipping sauce is the Real Mayonaise with salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

TIP:  You can use other dipping sauce like hot and spicy if you want to add more exciting bites.

Happy eating! Happy Sunday! :=)


Amazing SMAC Experience

Most of us know that having an SM Advantage Card (SMAC) is really a perk especially during sale season. You can avail lots of discounts if you have this card. But still, I want to share my extraordinary experiences and its usefulness during edge of time.

It was 2013 when I availed my first SMAC. I just granted what the saleslady offered to me but I’ve never thought how it can help me in the future.  Shopping from time to time is not my thing. I am really seldom buying pieces of stuff at SM malls or even on its accredited outlets so I am not expecting to earn whopping points dramatically.

Then one day, I was at the SM supermarket to buy 1 kilo of rice; I was in front of the cashier when I realized that I didn’ t have enough cash to cover the bill. On the quick decision, I decided to try the SMAC if the accumulated points really matter. And yes! It greatly saved me that time. I was so glad carrying my rice while thinking how it magically saved my living.  It feels like I got it for free by just using my points.

Last month also, I saw the 3 pairs of socks on its 50% discounted price. Stunned by its mark down and I know I needed also, I used my SMAC points again to purchase the socks and I exited happily at the cashier’s lane without getting any cash from my wallet.



Things you can do in Padre Pio National Shrine

Have you already heard about the Padre Pio National Shrine located in Sto. Tomas Batangas? Well, I explored this place twice this year.

This place became as one of the known spots in Batangas specially for those people who love to explore places and most specially for those devotees.

The architectural design of church is really fascinating. It is a pavilion dome shape, made of humble materials.

Don’t miss these things when you visit this place:

  1. Attending the mass. They have various schedules for the Holy Eucharist.
  2. Experience the fresh air at the top of the belfry while enjoying the Padre Pio’s scenery.
  3. Candle lighting. You can light up a candle and make your prayers. Candle costs 10 pesos each, candle’s colors have an equivalent meaning for love, purity, health, career, family etc.
  4. Feel the cold water in Holy Water Sanctuary. Most visitors have their own bottled water present from the sanctuary, they used it to wipe in any parts of their body as they believe it can cure illnesses; some are used to drink it however one of the security guard told me that they never recommend to drink it because there are a lot of coins in the water thrown by the devotees.
  5. Handkerchief and padlock locking. You should pray first before locking.
  6. Padre Pio’s product shopping. They have an area for the various products good for headache, stomach ache, athritis and many more. Most products range 100 pesos and up so better you have an enough allowance for these.
  7. Make prayer intentions. You can write down your prayers in the envelope, put some donations and drop it in the box.
  8. Native delicacies shopping. You have to try the native delicacies sell near outside of the vicinity.

Number of visitors is depends on the seasons. Peak seasons like Mahal na Araw makes the place crowded and traffic for the motorists.

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New Dutch Mill Delight

Dealing with a tiring day is really uuurrrrggg…!! Exhausted mind and body. As if, all you want to do is to sleep and recharge. These were the feelings I had a few days ago after office hour. So I decided to drop by at Walter Mart to buy some foods to cook (cooking is my stress reliever. :)..).
Fortunately, I found this new product from Dutch Mill, Delight + Probiotic Drink. At first, I was hesitant to buy because I am really sensitive when it comes to taste. But then after 10 years of thinking,.. I bought this drink and immediately drinking it.
No sorry for me because it really tastes good. I can really taste the milk within. It delighted my night and relieved my stress feeling right away.
It takes me back in my younger years every time I drink this milk. Yummy!
Here are the info of this drink taken from their website.
A non-fat probiotic drink with Lactobacilli paracasei and prebiotic fiber that helps good bacteria maintain balanced digestion.

First Drop

Few years back when I started my own blog but suddenly I stopped it. And I’m so glad that I am here again for my free writing.

So yes! It’s very yes because I can write now my own blog. I am really excited to share with you guys my various experiences, because I know my every story has a lot of lessons to get.

Please listen to my story and I will listen to your story too.

No more words to say but before I end this short message please appreciate the quote below.

Never give up on your dreams!