New Dutch Mill Delight

Dealing with a tiring day is really uuurrrrggg…!! Exhausted mind and body. As if, all you want to do is to sleep and recharge. These were the feelings I had a few days ago after office hour. So I decided to drop by at Walter Mart to buy some foods to cook (cooking is my stress reliever. :)..).
Fortunately, I found this new product from Dutch Mill, Delight + Probiotic Drink. At first, I was hesitant to buy because I am really sensitive when it comes to taste. But then after 10 years of thinking,.. I bought it and immediately drank it.
No sorry for me because it really tastes good. I can really taste the milk within. It delighted my night and relieved my stress feeling right away.
It takes me back in my younger years every time I drink this milk. Yummy!
Here are the info of this drink taken from their website.
A non-fat probiotic drink with Lactobacilli paracasei and prebiotic fiber that helps good bacteria maintain balanced digestion.

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