Amazing SMAC Experience

Most of us know that having an SM Advantage Card (SMAC) is really a perk especially during sale season. You can avail lots of discounts if you have this card. But still, I want to share my extraordinary experiences and its usefulness during edge of time.

It was 2013 when I availed my first SMAC. I just granted what the saleslady offered to me but I’ve never thought how it can help me in the future.  Shopping from time to time is not my thing. I am really seldom buying pieces of stuff at SM malls or even on its accredited outlets so I am not expecting to earn whopping points dramatically.

Then one day, I was at the SM supermarket to buy 1 kilo of rice; I was in front of the cashier when I realized that I didn’ t have enough cash to cover the bill. On the quick decision, I decided to try the SMAC if the accumulated points really matter. And yes! It greatly saved me that time. I was so glad carrying my rice while thinking how it magically saved my living.  It feels like I got it for free by just using my points.

Last month also, I saw the 3 pairs of socks on its 50% discounted price. Stunned by its markdown and I know I needed also, I used my SMAC points again to purchase the socks and I exited happily at the cashier’s lane without getting any cash from my wallet.



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