Tuna and SkyFlakes Nuggets

The title above is right! Have you heard or watched the new recipe already? Generation by generation really changes everything. It can discover amazing things which we think are just crazy combinations. But for this recipe, an extraordinary combination of ingredients is just simply amazing. I shared it already on my blog Chika’s Avenue but I want to show it off here because it’s really fantastic.

Here is my version of Tuna and SkyFlakes Nuggets. What are the ingredients?

2 packs of SkyFlakes
1 egg
1 can of Century Tuna flakes in oil (180 grams)
flour (measure depends on its stickiness)

Just slice the onion, crush the SkyFlakes into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients and observe its stickiness if need to add more flour. Actually, you can form many shapes according to your preference but I opted to just got a scoop and fry it (laziness strike).

My dipping sauce is the Real Mayonaise with salt and pepper to enhance the taste.

TIP:  You can use other dipping sauce like hot and spicy if you want to add more exciting bites.

Happy eating! Happy Sunday! :=)